Respiratory Lectures organised at Mater Dei Hospital
01 Dr. Jonathan Joslin - Drowning ReviewSelf enrolmentInformation
02 - In-Hospital management of drowning survivorsSelf enrolmentInformation
03 - Quiz on the medical aspects of drowningSelf enrolmentInformation
04 - Management of Acute AsthmaSelf enrolmentInformation
04Q - Quiz on Acute AsthmaSelf enrolmentInformation
05 - Asthma data from MaltaSelf enrolmentInformation
06 - Three cases of Pulmonary EmbolismSelf enrolmentInformation
07 - Review of Management of Pulmonary EmbolismSelf enrolmentInformation
08 - Algorhytms in the diagnosis of Pulmonary EmbolismSelf enrolmentInformation
8Q - Quiz on Pulmonary EmbolismSelf enrolmentInformation
B01 - Case presentation Pulmonary HypertensionSelf enrolmentInformation
B02 - Management of Pulmonary HypertensionSelf enrolmentInformation
B03 - Pulmonary Hypertension - Literature updatesSelf enrolmentInformation
B03Q - Quiz on Pulmonary HypertensionSelf enrolmentInformation
B04 - Empyema ThoracisSelf enrolmentInformation
B05 - Case presentation - toxic gasSelf enrolmentInformation
B06 - Review of the effects and management of some toxic gasesSelf enrolmentInformation
B06Q - Quiz on Toxic Inhalation of GasesSelf enrolmentInformation
B07 - Respiratory FailureSelf enrolmentInformation
B08 - Pneumoccocal VaccinationSelf enrolmentInformation
B09 - Case presentation - Carbon Monoxide poisoningSelf enrolmentInformation
B10 - Carbon Monoxide poisoningSelf enrolmentInformation
B10Q - Quiz on Carbon Monoxide poisoningSelf enrolmentInformation
B11 - Dr. Cynthia Farrugia Jones -Lung Function Tests - OverviewSelf enrolmentInformation
B12 - Solitary Lung NodulesSelf enrolmentInformation